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Metal Polishing
     »  Metal Polishing an Introduction
               Metal Polishing Introduction
     »  Polishing Brass and Copper
               Metal Polishing Brass and Copper
     »  Stainless Steel Polishing
               Metal Polishing Stainless Steel
     »  Polishing Aluminium
               Metal Polishing Aluminium
     »  Stainless Steel in the Environment
               Metal Polishing Stainless Steel in the Environment
Restored Items
          Brass And Copper Items From Burghley House Collection
          Brass And Steel Fender
          Brass Fender With Cast Fittings
          Brass Fronted Fire Grate
          Brass Hall Lantern
          Bronze War Memorial Being Restored
          Coffin Bier All The Brass ware was stolen
          Collection Of Jelly Moulds From Burghley House Repolished And Lacquered
          Diving Helmet British navy ww 2
          Large Brass And Copper Pans, Steamers, Samavars, Large Tea Urns
          Lemonade Jug With Ceramic Liner
          Old Engine Turning Lathe Made In Sheffield By Alfred Chadburn 1855
          Pair Of Brass Wall Lights
          Pair Of Old Blowlamps
          Pair Of Sheffield Plate Coach Lamps
          Saucepans Lids Jugs And Jelly Moulds from Burghley House
          Schools Sports Trophy Made In Pewter
          Stainless Steel Exhaust
          Stainless Steel Mud Guard
          Steel Ceiling Lantern Heavily Rusted
          Very Large Street Lanterns
          Victorian Copper Bath
Items For Sale at silverandglass
Brass copper and steel items for sale
          Brass blow lamp
          Brass blow lamp
          Brass jam pan
          Brass posy holders
          Brass stirrup pump
          brass trivet
          Edwardian brass fender
          small steel chest of drawers and cupboard
          Steel bathroom cabinet shabby chic
Machines for sale
          polishing machine

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