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Stainless steel is available in many varied standards and the choice of material must be made according to the function of the finished article. These technical issues can get very complex according to the environment in which the article will be placed, especially where food hygiene and facilities are concerned. These technical issues on different grades of stainless steel are not being dealt with here. Follow this link for information on grades available.

Polishing and finishing of stainless steel is being dealt with here. The different grades of finishes put on stainless steel by the mills may well suffice in some cases. These mill finishes can come in bright, semi-bright, grey, and grained finishes.  Some of these mill grained finishes are very "keen" meaning that the surface can be very open and susceptible to grease and finger prints as some people will know from experience with their stainless steel fridges. Alternative finishes can be applied by the metal polisher to improve the existing finish for cosmetic reasons, easy cleaning and hygiene.

The Problems

Rolled over hollow edges, overlapped welded joints with open ends, tubular legs, box section to mention just a few. These will fill with water/liquid over time and in the right temperature form what I call a black sooty deposit like mould  between or inside cavities. If this is disturbed it rises like fine dust and if you inhale it it will make you feel like you are getting a very bad dose of the flu with in a couple of hours and it can be very bad. I know its happened more than I would like to me. If this dust is left in wet conditions it will grow into a jelly like appearance, the sort of thing you find in your washing machine outlet hose. Just a sample of what it's about and there is a lot more!

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