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Metal Polishing Stainless Steel in the Environment

Hygiene in Hospitals

Over the years of polishing metal items for all sorts of environments you can see problems looming to cause trouble, one of these is the hygiene in hospitals where there is a lot of stainless steel in all sorts of environments. Men in suits are interviewed and try to explain away their latest outbreak of infection while standing next to a piece of apparatus that is a disaster on wheels. They don't understand how it gets from one part of the hospital to another so quickly. Wards are fumigated and closed for weeks if not months and within days of reopening are back where they started.

Metal polishing is a very practical discipline, it's not rocket science, but requires a particular kind of aptitude to get it right. The comments made above are purely from this approach. If I am 99% wrong which I know I am not, the 1% left needs a lot of thinking about.

The Problems

Rolled over hollow edges, overlapped welded joints with open ends, tubular legs, box sections to mention just a few. These will fill with water/liquid over time and in the right temperature form what I call a black sooty deposit like mould  between or inside cavities. If this is disturbed it rises like fine dust and if you inhale it it will make you feel like you are getting a very bad dose of the flu within a couple of hours and it can be very bad. I know its happened more than I would like to me. If this dust is left in wet conditions it will grow into a jelly like appearance, the sort of thing you find in your washing machine outlet hose. Just a sample of what it's about and there is a lot more!

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