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Restored And Gold plated Light Candle Holder This web site has been put together to give information on metal polishing to the public and industry alike. the aim is to give a simple but informative approach. not an in depth study. If you are interested in trade terminology methods of working old and new Email us and and we will try to help.   We polish and finish most metals and alloys. we also restore and repair, with over 30 years experience to call on.
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Restored and polished items.
Polished, replated and repaired, details and pictures.

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Metal Polishing - introduction
This page is a general explanation of the skills 

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Polishing Brass and Copper.
This page deals with these alloys and there decorative appeal

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Stainless Steel Polishing.
This page deals with some of the complexities of this metal

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Polishing Aluminium.
This page deals with the difficulties of polishing aluminium
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Stainless steel in Hospitals/kitchen/cooking environments. 
A few comments on this subject form a practical approach 

                                                                                   English Hallmaked Silver

   Solid Silver Skull Belt Buckle With full English Hallmarks  

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Art deco table lamp in mirror polished Stainless steel. To buy this Table Lamp Click Here


Copper measuring jug being polished by hand on a polishing lathe.

Polishing mops and bars of polishing composition used in the process of polishing